Year 12 Design and Technology

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Design and Technology Stage 6 Syllabus


NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum
Design and Technology Stage 6 Syllabus
This module has comprehensive quizzes on the following outcomes:
H1.1      critically analyses the factors affecting design and the development and success of design projects
H1.2      relates the practices and processes of designers and producers to the major design project
H2.1      explains the influence of trends in society on design and production
H2.2      evaluates the impact of design and innovation on society and the environment
H3.1      analyses the factors that influence innovation and the success of innovation
H3.2      uses creative and innovative approaches in designing and producing
H4.1      identifies a need or opportunity and researches and explores ideas for design development and production of the major design project
H4.2      selects and uses resources responsibly and safely to realise a quality major design project
H4.3      evaluates the processes undertaken and the impacts of the major design project
H5.1      manages the development of a quality major design project
H5.2      selects and uses appropriate research methods and communication techniques
H6.1      justifies technological activities undertaken in the major design project through the study of industrial and commercial practices
H6.2      critically assesses the emergence and impact of new technologies and the factors affecting their development.


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